Police Interviews

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Having the police approach you to partake in a interview can be unpleasant and stressful. Many ‘suspects’ are uncertain about what to do and what their rights are when brought in to the station – They might want to make a statement, however they are worried that they might say the wrong thing, and at the same time worry that if they don’t make a statement then the police will make it harder on them or they might even look guilty if they don’t.

The police tend to exploit this vulnerability in people, due to their lack of knowledge of the law and their overall fear in general.

Many innocent individuals accidently implicate themselves by partaking in police interviews. Infact, false admissions have been revealed all over the globe – from Australia to the United States, Iceland to Germany, and many other countries.

The police generally no longer use torture – it is now discouraged in Australia, however this is still a common approach in countries such as the US in their black sites and off shore detention centres.

Police manufacturing confessions from people in Australia has pretty much now been stopped – mainly due to the fact that all interviews are now electronically recorded.

In any case, police are known to still utilize a bunch of different strategies to get confessions from individuals they think are guilty.

If you find yourself being asked to make a statement by the police – it is always recommended to remain silent until after you can talk to or seek representation by a lawyer in Sydney who can help you to protect your legal rights.