Bartholomew Fell off

My incredible distant uncle Bartholomew Carey was conceived in New York City in 1873 to Irish foreigner guardians. In contrast to my Hicks precursors, he had a calm existence and didn’t get into the papers a lot. Just a single time, apparently – and it was on the grounds that he had an awful work mishap in the winter of 1905.*

In 1905 he was 32 years of age, single, and living at 10 1/2 Grove Street in the West Village (see above ideal for a view from 1936). He was working in Washington Heights right at the opposite finish of Manhattan, in road development or fix. I don’t know which, as the article in the New York Herald is fairly obscure. Bartholomew was pushing a work cart brimming with earth over a 50 foot pit or shaft in the street, over which was laid a board. He tumbled off the board and into the pit however “different workers gave no consideration to the mishap.”

Amsterdam Ave. furthermore, 153rd St, NYPL Digital Gallery

Somebody more likely than not focused, however, on the grounds that soon subsequently, an emergency vehicle showed up. However, as per the messenger different specialists didn’t have the foggiest idea why it had come, and it “returned void.” Poor Bartholomew was stuck in the pit until that night, when his moans were heard by a police officer from the close by station on “West 153rd Street.” I imagine that they mean what was the 32nd Precinct House at Amsterdam and 152nd Street, which is presently a New York City Landmark.

With the assistance of a stepping stool appended to a 50 foot long rope, and a few other police officers, Bartholomew was lifted out of the pit and taken to the Washington Heights Hospital (which was at 179th St. also, Broadway) with “genuine” wounds. There’s no subsequent article – this wasn’t, obviously, viewed as a significant report – yet I realize that he survived. Two years after the mishap, in August 1907, Bartholomew wedded my extraordinary granddad’s sister Anna.** Bartholomew and Anna were as yet alive in 1940, in which year the statistics records them as living on East 89th Street in Manhattan.

Old 32nd Precinct House (Wikipedia)

Source: “Scans Deep Pit for Injured Man,” New York Herald, Dec. 2, 1905, p. 6.

*There are 2 Bartholomew Careys in the 1900 evaluation for NYC – my incredible distant uncle and an older man age 78, who was not prone to have been the worker in 1905. So I’m going on the reason that the helpless individual who fell into that pit was my extraordinary distant uncle. There is a 1905 NY State evaluation which, obviously, is the main registration where Bartholomew escapes me. He shows straight up in all the others, government and state, from 1880-1940, consistently in Manhattan, consistently a worker, consistently conceived in the 1875-7 territory, and wedded to my Aunt Anna after 1910). At the point when I do find him in the 1905, I’ll alter this post.

** Anna was 7 years his senior and was conceived in northern Germany on her folks’ home in Bad Kleinen, Mecklenburg. Her family lost the home at some point during the 1870s, when they moved to Hamburg. My extraordinary granddad Friedrich showed up in New York on New Year’s Day 1886, at 17 years old, and looked for some kind of employment in a timber yard. Anna and her mom joined my incredible granddad in New York in 1894, where they upheld themselves by taking in clothing.

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